9/5/04 - Blue Hills - 8 miles - Tim, Danielle, Heather, Steve

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The state police barracks is about the half way point on the trail. We stopped here for a while to rest and eat some snacks.
Back on the trail we found it was rough going once again. Notice how some hikers don't give others enough room to safely make it up the trail.
We finally made it to the hill we were heading for. It had a wide open top and offered a great view of the city.
Therre was even a cairn to mark the summit.
It sure seems like a long way back to the first hill and the car.
After repeating all the ups and downs along the ridge we made it back to where we started. Before heading down we stopped by the weather station.
This station is manned every day of the year.
Here's a little bit of the history of the weather station. There was a gift shop and museum inside.
This monument was created to show some of the weather observations from atop the Blue Hills.
Back near the parking lot we found a small animal park. Here's a couple otters playing in the water.
Another picture of the otter.
This was Danielle's first hike in her new boots. They still look pretty good after an 8 mile hike.

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