Jay Peak - 7/16/05 - Tim, Danielle, Fuzz

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The short 1.5(?) mile trail to the summit of Jay Peak is mostly in the woods. Along the way there was a lot of interesting vegatation, like this fringed orchard. A somewhat rare find in New England
Getting close to the top we had to cross one of the ski slopes. Little did we know that heading up the slope would have been an easier route to the summit.
Here's a view looking down the ski trail.
The route we followed got us up onto a ridge to the summt. Once we got on this ridge did we realize the ski slope is an easier trail.
We could finally see the summit and noticed the ski slope right next to the trail. So we made our way off the ridge to the slope and got up to the top in no time.
Once we got on the ski slope the hiking was much easier. It was a lot prettiner walking through the wild flowers than it was on the boulders and pines.
Up on top of the mountain we had a nice view looking down into the valley.
Here comes a gondola.
Danielle and Tim on top of Jay Peak. We stayed for about a half hour. Lots of people coming off the gondola joined us on the peak, but we were the only hikers there at the time.
A memorial bench up on top of the mountain.
Another view looking down into the valley. It was a hot and hazy day so we didn't have very good views. When we finally left the summit we hiked at a good pace and made it back to the car in just over an hour.

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