Kearsarge North - 8/1/05 - 6 miles - Tim and Danielle

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Kearsarge North is near North Conway, New Hampshire. The mountain has an old fire tower on top that has some great views of the surrounding area.
Like most trails in New Hampshire, this trail also had a number of large boulders scattered around.
The trail up to the summit ascends at an easy to moderate pace. We had to hike up some ledges with lots of blueberry bushes growing all around.
The ledges gave us our first views into the valley. Unfortunately it was a hazy day and we couldn't see very far.
After hiking around some cliffs and corkscrewing around the summit we finally neared the top. Looking up the trail we could see the fire tower.
Getting a little closer, we realized there was nobody else on the summit.
The fire tower is actually an horstoric monument. It's the last remaning original enclosed fire tower in New Hampshire. Or something like that.
Inside the tower was rather empty. It was also really hot. All the windows and doors were closed so it was like a sauna in there.
We found a hikers journal, which we added our name to.
While in the tower, we did our part and looked for smoke in the valley.
The views from up here were awesome. Too bad it was so hazy.
The clouds were thick on this day, but it never rained. At least not on us.
It was a bit sunnier to the south.
I think that's the ridge we hiked to get to the summit.
Looking across the valley we could see Cathedral Ledge.
Doublehead Mountain was real close.
The tower isn't very big, but offers huge views.
On our way back down we came across some butterflies sunning themselves in some bushes. We also passed several groups of hikers heading up the mountain.
Back in the woods we passed through the open woods of this pretty forest.
Towards the end of the trail we walked by an old stone wall that was probably built a century ago. We both really enjoyed our hike up Kearsarge North and would like to hike it again in the fall to see all the foliage.

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