Pico - 7/15/05 - Danielle, Tim, Fuzz, Heather, Steve, Dave

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The Sherburne Pass trail up Pico used to be part of the Long Trail. Now it's a detour from the trail to a lodge at the trailhead.
About half way up the trail we found a small path that took us to the ski lift access road. We had quite a view from the road.
We found some butterflies warming their wings in the sun.
There were lots of wildflowers growing everywhere.
Here's Heather re-enacting a scene from the Sound of Music.
There was a huge variety of wild flowers too.
Back on the trail we came across a cabin that is used by Long Trail hikers. The direct trail to the summit of Pico is right behind the cabin.
Inside the cabin there is plenty of room for people to sleep. It was really hot in there on this warm July day.
Just below the summit we came across the top part of the chair lift.
We stopped here for a lunch break and to get out of the hot sun for a while.
The open trails gave us some nice views all around, like this view of Killington.
It was a short hike to the summit from the chair lift. There were some communication towers and buildings up top. After wandering around a little bit we found what we think is the highest point.
There were lots of Daisy's up on the summit too.
It was a real pretty site.
On our way back down we decided to hike down the access road to the trail intersection we found earlier. We figured this saved us about 30 minutes of hiking through the woods.

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