Stairs Mtn. - 7/2/06 - Tim, Danielle, Heather, Steve, Brian, Kathy, Dave, Karen, Anthony

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Our original plan this day was to climb the Boot Spur, but with forecasted high wind and thunderstorms we decided to hike up to Stairs mountain instead.
We followed the wide, flat Rocky Branch trail to the Stairs Col trail.
We made the trail intersection in under an hour and found the shelter located there.
There were a few hikers in the shelter preparing for a day of fishing in the stream.
After a quick break we began our climb up the Stairs Col trail.
This trail gradually became more steep as we hiked up to the Davis Path. The weather was very humid and warm. Luckily it didn't rain the entire day.
Almost half way up the trail we crossed into the wilderness area.
Nearing the ridge and Davis Path we got our first close up look of the Giant Stair. It was most impressive.
Another view of the stair. It was a beautiful sight, but we were more concerned with watching our feet on the slippery trail.
At the Davis Path intersection we turned right and headed up the rocky slope to the summit of Stairs.
Getting closer we found the spur path to the summit.
The summit has a couple nice tent sites and a cliff with awesome views.
It's a long way down to the bottom!
Unfortunately it was hazy and humid so the views were limited.
However we did have a nice view of Mt. Resolution and Crawford.
Steve posing for the cover of the next edition of the White Mountain Guide.
I was a bit surprised to find a benchmark on the cliff.
Steve taking a break on the cliff. This picture was taken moments before Heather threatened to kill him if he fell.
At ease on the ledge.
Anthony wanted to get in on the action too. However, with two kids we had to talk him back from the edge.

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