Mt. Webster - 8/7/05 - Tim, Danielle, Fuzz, Heather, Steve, AMC Group

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Webster Cliff Panoramic
After spotting a car in Crawford Notch, this AMC lead hike began the hike over the Webster Cliffs and to the summit.
It was a long, steep climb up to the cliffs.
Once we made it to the ridge we came across the first viewpoint. What a great view.
We could see all the way up the notch.
We were all mesmerized by the view.
Here's the rest of the crew making their way to the ledge.
Looking the other way, we could see Mt. Washington peaking over the ridge.
At the main cliff, we stopped for a break. The view was even better up here.
Mt. Carrigan loomed large on the horizon.
Mts. Willey, Field and Tom looked huge from this vantage point.
A little further up the notch we could see the cliffs on Mt. Willard.
We all took a much needed rest.
The views south were just as spectacular as the views north.
Higher up than our first stop, we had a much better view of Mt. Washington. Mt. Jackson is in the foreground.
Another hour of hiking over some rough trail got us to the summit of Mt. Webster. We stayed up here for quite a while.
Danielle and Tim on Mt. Webster.
We took the direct route back to the car instead of heading over to Mt. Jackson.
On the way down we came across a pretty cascade. From here it was an easy walk back to the car. Overall, this was a tough hike over some rough trail. However, the views from the ledges and summit were worth the effort.

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