Up Mt. Doublehead - 6/25/06 - 4 miles - Tim and Danielle

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Panoramic image from South Doublehead

We parked at the ski trail and walked the 1/2 mile up the road to begin the loop over the mountain on the New Path.
It only took us about 9 minutes to get to the New Path.
The first 1/2 mile or so is rather easy, but the trail soon gets real steep. It's a good workout to get to the top.
We did the 1.2 miles and 1,600 feet of elevation gain in just over an hour.
The summit of the south peak is marked with this large cairn.
However, down a side path and about .1 miles away is a clearing with a great view. These cairns were at the clearing.
We had a clear view of North Doublehead.
But the trees blocked views in other directions.
However, we could still see the tower up on top of Kearsarge North.
I think those are the Baldfaces over there.
Looking towards the White Mountains.
Looking down into the valley and north towards the whites.
Heading towards North Doublehead we found a short path that lead to this spectacular view of the valley. The path was about 100 yards from the New Path, South Doublehead trail junction.
Another view looking into the valley and at the Black Mountain ski area.
The New Path and Ski Trail junction. It was an easy hike between the two peaks.
The old log cabin. It's locked and you need to make a reservation with the forest service if you want to use it.
It was a nice warm day to be out hiking.
This cabin has been here a long time.
But the outhouse looks brand new.
Behind the cabin there's this small cliff with a nice view looking toward Maine and the Baldfaces.

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