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A woman drove me to drink and I didn't have the decency to thank her.
- W.C. Fields

This month's featured beer:

Harpoon UFO

Harpoon UFO (UnFiltered Offering)
Harpoon Brewing Company
(Boston, MA)

Tasting Notes

Summary: A nice example of the hefeweizen style of beer from Bavaria, Germany. With a slice of lemon or orange, this is a nice beer to have on a Summer's day.
Style: Hefeweizen; brewed with wheat and barley malts.
Appearance: A full-bodied beer with a clean, white foamy head which quickly forms when the beer is poured.  The head on the beer settles back to the surface. This unfiltered beer is very cloudy which is typical for a hefeweizen and has visible carbonation bubbles floating to the top, .
Aroma: A flowery aroma hovers over the glass and hints at the flavor about to be tasted.
Taste: The carbonation tingles in your mouth with each sip. There is a nice combination of bitter and sweet flavors.  Once swallowed, a flowery taste remains in the mouth.

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