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Woodstock Inn & Brewery Pig's Ear

Pig's Ear Brown Ale
Woodstock Inn & Brewery
(Woodstock, New Hampshire)

Tasting Notes

Summary: The Woodstock Inn and Brewery is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  They offer a fine selection of craft brewed beers and a menu that fits all tastes.  In the Fall and Spring you can attend a Brewers Weekend where you stay at the inn and learn how to brew beer.
Style: Brown Ale
Appearance: The cream colored foam head quickly settles onto the surface of the beer, which is a deep amber color that is very dark and almost ruby red.
Aroma: A very malty aroma that reminds you of wheat bread. 
Taste: This beer is full bodied with a rich malty flavor, reminiscent of pumpernickel bread.  A sweet aftertaste lingers in the mouth between sips.

Pig's Ear Brown Ale is a good beer to enjoy with steak, pork roast or roasted vegetables. This is a hearty beer that is enjoyable on cold winter evenings.

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