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Pumpkin Beer Comparison
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Shipyard Pumpkin Ale
Pumpkin Ale

(Portsmouth, NH)
Stone Cat Pumpkin Ale
Stone Cat
Pumpkin Ale

(Mercury Brewing Co)
Ipswich, MA

Tasting Notes

Style: Ale

Appearance: Clear golden honey color with a quickly dissolving white foam head.

Aroma: Very sweet apple aroma, almost like apple pie.

Taste: This light bodied beer has a strong apple flavor and hints of cinnamon.

Summary: This is a good refreshing beer that would go well with a dessert or perhaps a pasta or chicken dinner.

Tasting Notes

Style: Ale

Appearance: Very dark reddish brown color topped with a foamy tan head.

Aroma: Spicy. Hints of nutmeg and allspice are present.

Taste: The carbonation in this medium bodied beer tingles on the tongue. A nice slightly sweet combination of nutmeg, allspice, and caramel complete this well balanced beer.

Summary: This beer would go well with dessert. The flavor reminds you of fall in New England.

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