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Framboise Lambic

Framboise Lambic
Belgian Framboise Ale
Framboise Lambic
Merchant du Vin - Belgium
(link to brewers website)

A Belgian Lambic is a type of ale that is fermented by wild yeast native to a 15 square mile area southwest of Brussels, Belgium. There are several styles of Lambic, but generally all of them are pungently sour, very low in bitterness, very effervescent, peculiarly aromatic, aged for years and strangely addictive*.

A Framboise Lambic styled ale is made with a particular fruit such as raspberry, peach or black currant.

This ale has a strong fruity aroma and a taste of ripe raspberries, sweet, but also sour.  The carbonation tingles in your mouth and each sip reminds you of a wine cooler. Its flavor is exceptional and so is its complexity.

* courtesy The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing, p. 148-149, Charlie Papazian


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