Mt. Field - 9/11/04 - 10 miles - Tim, Fuzz, Anthony

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We hiked up Mt.Field to raise a flag in rememberance of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. It was also an opportunity for Fuzz and Anthony to bag a few more 4,000 footers.
At the intersection of the AZ and Avalon trails we stopped for a break. While we were there a group of hikers showed up and offered to take our picture.
This is where the steep hiking begins.
Any trip up to Mt. Field should include a stop at Mt. Avalon. It has some of the best views in the White Mountains. Here's Anthony on the summit.
The view of Mt. Washington is terrific. And I think I can see my car down at the Crawford Depot.
Mt. Webster and the Webster cliffs were shining brightly this day.
The view into Crawford Notch was awesome.
Fuzz made it to Avalon too and was totally mesmerized by the view.
For a brief moment, the flag flew over Mt. Avalon.
Up on top of Mt. Field we began to set up the flag.
Anthony supplied the flag. It was huge and heavy.
The views from Mt. Field were almost as good as they are from Mt. Avalon.
The Mt. Field crew on the summit.
The flag flying over the summit.
Another view from the summit. That looks like Mt. Tom over there.
The Presidential range was in full view.
A self portrait with the flag.
There were some Gray Jays flying around and looking for a treat.
After we took the flag down, the three of us hiked over to Mt. Tom. Here's a view of Crawford Notch from the summit.
Mt. Tom also has a view looking into the Pemi wilderness. Here's a view of Mt. Carrigan.

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