Mt. Hedgehog - 7/31/05 - 6 miles - Tim and Danielle

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Mt. Hedgehog is a nice loop hike just off the Kangamangus highway. We followed the loop counter clockwise so we would have an easier time ascending the ledges.
The beginning of the trail is a cross country ski trail. It was a nice walk in the woods.
Danielle found a tree with a wide open base. This could be how the Kebler elves got their start.
Heading up the Mt. Hedgehog trail we found two different color trail markers. It's an odd site in the woods. Usually trails have the same color markers or new ones are painted over the old.
We eventually got close to the ledges where some fragile vegatation was growing.
We found some great views like this one of Mt. Chocorua.
Mt. Passaconoway was close enough to touch.
The views were awesome. Mt. Hedgehog is smaller than many of the nearby mountains. It was a neat experience looking up at other summits.
We finally found the summit, but the trail wound around to the left for quite a while before we got to the top.
Here's some of those fragile plants the sign mentioned.
I guess we need to go that way.
Danielle and Tim on the summit of Mt. Hedgehog. This picture was snapped just before the camera fell over.
Looking west we could see the Tripyramids.
And through the trees, Mt. Carrigan loomed large.
On our way down the mountain we found Allens Ledge. Many people hike to here just for the view. Speaking of people, we didn't see anyone on the first half of the loop, but ran into lots of hikers on our way down the mountain.
And what a great view it is.
We kept hoping a moose would wander out into the pond, but never saw one.
I think that's Mt. Hancock on the left.
Allen's Ledge would be a great place for a picnic. From here we hiked back to the car and headed over to Moat Mountain Inn and Brewpub for dinner. A great way to finish the day.

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