Monadnock - 6/15/05 - Tim, Danielle, Fuzz

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For many New England hikers Mt. Monadnock is the first mountain they climbed. None of us have ever hiked this mountain and decided it was time to do so. We followed the classic White Dot/White Cross loop.
It was a really hot and humid day. We stopped frequently to rest and drink plenty of water. At the first spot with a view we found nothing but haze.
Once we got out of the trees there was a small breeze which helped cool us down a little bit.
The trail was well marked and easy to follow.
This is the intersection we had to return to for the hike back to the car.
There were lots of ledges to climb the last half mile to the summit.
Normally, this would be an easy hike but with the hot and humid weather it really wore us down.
We eventually made it to the summit. The views were not too good, but at least it wasn't crowded.
The haze covered any view we had.
So we had to take pictures on the various summit trails.
Danielle and Tim taking a break on Monadnock. The White Cross trail back to the car was not as steep as the White Dot trail. Shortly after arriving back at the car it began to rain really hard. That made the humid weather that much worse.

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