Smarts Mtn. - 10/2/05 - 7.4 miles - Tim, Danielle, Fuzz

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On a mild fall afternoon, the three of us decided to hike in the western part of New Hampshire and bag another 52 with a view.
We had to drive through some morning fog to get to the trailhead. However, once we started up the mountain we got out of the fog and into the sun.
The morning sun felt really good.
Our first view of Smarts Mountain looked like it was very far away. We could just make out the tower up on top.
Up to the trail intersection the hiking was rather easy. We were following a ridge, but now we had to do most of our climbing over the next mile to get to the summit.
Smarts Mountain actually has two summits. One has a fire tower on it, while some say the other summit is actually higher. Before we went to the fire tower we found a birdhouse that marked the second summit. It's on the AT and easy to get to.
This is the first time any of us have seen autographed footings.
The entire summit of Smarts Mountain is wooded. However, the old firetower offers some excellent views.
Mt. Cube in the distance.
I think that's the ridge we hiked up to get to the summit.
Here's a picture of the wooded summit.
You can see how the mountain is almost like a mesa with a flat top and steep sides.
Another view from the fire tower.
Danielle checking out the view.
It's a steep climb to get into the tower.
There's lots of stairs, but the views are worth the climb.
Near the base of the tower is the old rangers cabin. It's desserted now and some people use it as a shelter.
Inside is empty except for lots of dust.
We followed the same trail back to the car and again stopped at the ledge we enjoyed in the morning.
Some of us should be more careful when walking near the edge! Smarts Mountain is a nice moderate hike with great views of the nearby mountains. I'm glad we went in the fall so we could enjoy all the foliage too.

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