Mt. Tecumseh - 2/19/06 - Tim, Danielle, Anthony, Fuzz, Brian, Kathy

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The day we hiked Mt. Tecumseh was the coldest day of the year. It was only 6F at the trailhead when we started out.
All of us had to wear many layers and cover up in order to stay warm. I think this is a picture of Fuzz? Who knows.
The first stream crossing was easy since the water was frozen over.
As the day wore on the temperature increased into the mid 20's F. Even though it was 20F warmer than when we started it was still a cold day.
The second stream crossing was also easy since it too was frozen over.
The trail runs parallel to the ski area for quite a while. At a couple of spots you can walk out to the slope. This run is closed due to all the ice. It would be a great place to practice walking in crampons.
A little further up the trail we found a chairlift taking skiiers to the top of the slopes.
Danielle decided to frost her hair for the hike.
Higher up the mountain the snow got deeper and the temperature got colder.
At least the trail was easy to follow.
Finally on top of the mountain we all celebrated Brian and Kathy's first winter 4,000 footer.
We were all excited to reach the summit on this cold day.
It was almost 0F with wind gusts in the 20 mph range. Needless to say we didn't stay too long up on top.
The trail sign on top of the mountain.
Anthony on top of Mt. Tecumseh. This one also counts for his 4,000 footer list.
We all took our pictures next to the sign.
This one also counts for Fuzz's hiking list.
Heading back down the mountain we had to take it slow over a couple of icy sections. Other than that the hiking was easy. This is another picture of the frozen stream crossing.

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