Mt. Tom - 3/19/06 - 6 miles - Tim and Danielle

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On the last full day of winter 2006, we headed up Mt. Tom to bag one more winter 4,000 footer. The weather was cold (30F) and the sky was cloudy with some occassional flurries.
The first part of the trail was easy to follow. We didn't need any snowshoes or crampons for the first mile.
Brown icicels? I bet they taste like pine.
Here's Danielle navigating around a blown down tree.
Most of the other hikers we saw this day went up to Avalon and Mt. Field. Only one other hiker besides us went to Mt. Tom.
This is where we grabbed a snack and put on our snowshoes.
Just beyond the trail intersection was a deep gully. It was quite tricky getting down and up the other side. It was even harder on the return trip from the summit.
After the gully the forest opened up. Too bad it was so cloudy. I bet we could of had some views through the trees.
We eventually arrive at the Mt. Tom spur path. Only .5 more miles to go.
The trees along the spur path were covered with fluffy snow.
It looked like a winter wonderland.
It was really pretty walking through the trees.
Kind of looks like cotton.
This is probably a bad idea!
Up on top of the mountain we found some very aggressive grey jays. They had no fear of eating out of our hands.
We had a brief moment of a view towards Mt. Field.
In the summer, you can rest on this bench and enjoy the view into the wilderness. Today it was just a log in the snow.
Not much of a view, but the snow made everything surreal.
Danielle on the summit of Mt. Tom.
I found a rock that I could rest the camera on for our summit picture. It was really cold standing in one position waiting for the timer to go off.

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