Mt. Willard - 3/6/05 - Danielle, Tim and company

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Mt. Willard is a classic first winter hike for many people. We were no exception and had a large group of friends join us on our first winter hike to a summit.
The hike began at the Crawford Notch depot. It didn't look like we had to worry about a train passing through while we were standing on the tracks.
Once everyone had their snowshoes on, boots tightened and gloves and hats in place we were ready to hit the trail.
The trail was already well broken out by the many showshoers who have passed through.
It was easy to follow, but slow going with so many people in our group.
The trail was so well packed that snowshoes were probably not needed. However, they did give us good traction.
We made it to the summit in just over an hour. Up on top we met a large AMC group who began their hike a short time before we did.
The clear, cold air allowed for some nice views of Crawford Notch.
Mt. Webster was just a stones throw away.
And Mt. Willey was close enough to touch.
Danielle, Brian and Kathy. They are new at winter hiking too.
Tim and Danielle on their first winter summit.
Just couldn't get enough pictures of the view.
One more shot of us on the summit.
The hike down went quickly. We passed a number of people making their way to the top on this nice winter day.
Back at the train station it began to snow. The flurry soon turned into quite a sqwal while we were changing out of our snowshoes.
Hiking in winter is a lot of fun. Since there are a lot fewer people on the trails you'll have an easy time finding quiet solitude.

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