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Boston Beer Summit
April 5, 2003
Boston, MA

Boston Beer Summit
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Waiting for the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

Everyone had a good time

So much beer, so little time

The Boston Beer Summit is the premiere brewing festival in New England. With over 200 beers to try there is something for everyone to enjoy. Usually, Danielle and I try beers we can not normally buy at the store, however sometimes we need to sample a few old favorites. These festivals are also a great place to pick up beer collectables like t-shirts and pint glasses.

Brewers we Visited

Anchor Brewing Co.
Binding Brauerei
Cambridge Brewing Co.
Ceveceria Boliviala Nacional
D & V International
Deja Brew
Dogfish Head
Heavyweight Brewing Co.
Merchant du Vin
Paper City Brewing Co.
Rock Bottom
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Smuttynose Brewing Co.
The Concorde Brewery
Z Street Brewing
Stone Brewery
Haverhill Brewpub

Our Top Picks:

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA - very fruity and smooth.  Tastes like apricots
Eurobubblies - We tried a few brews from these guys.  The Holy Grail Ale was tasty for a beer with the Monty Python logo on it! Other beers were also good.
Heavyweight Brewing Co. - Their bock beer was very spicy and smoky.
Merchant du Vin - Danielle had a strawberry lambic that was very tasty.
Z Street Brewing Co. - The Coconut porter was a real treat.  A hint of coconut made for an interesting flavor combination.

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