AOBF - Stammtisch
Art of Beer Festival
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AOBF - Stammtisch

Beer at Stammtisch

The Art of Beer Festival
September 13, 2003
Boston, MA

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Stammtisch - "The Regulars Table"
The Stammtisch Spirit

The Art of Beer Festival - Stammtisch was held at the Boston Center for the Arts (a.k.a. Cyclorama). Stammtisch is a German word that loosely means "A table for regulars."

Danielle's Samples
Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Octoberfest
Haverhill Brewery Alt Bier
Hofbrau Munich Oktoberfestbier
Monchshof Schwarzbier
Stoudts Brewing Co. Stoudts Fest
Warsteiner Braueri Warsteiner Premium Dunkel

Danielle enjoying a beer Danielle enjoying a beer

The beer selection
The beer selection
The beer selection was all German style beers, such as octoberfests, kolsch, schwarzbier and hefeweizen. There were many selections to choose from and each sample was a full pint. At this event we had to be rather selective of the beers we wanted to sample. Too many could get you into trouble. 
Tim's Samples
Augustiner Brau Wagner KG Lagerbier Helles
Berkshire Brewing Co. Maibock Lager
Brauerei Heinrich Reissdorf Reissdorf Kolsch
Hofbrau Munich Original
Mahr's Ungespundet Lager
Monschhof Schwarzbier
Smuttynose Brewing Co Octoberfest

Tim's enjoying a brew
Tim having another beer

Spirit of Stammtisch
The spirit of Stammtisch

Keeping with the Stammtisch spirit we met a few friends at the event. We all had a good time and enjoyed all the various styles and brands of beer that were available. Meeting friends for a beer, conversation and food should be enjoyed all year round. 

In addition to all the beer, food from the Sausage Guy was available. They offered knockwurst and bratwurst as well as side dishes and pretzels. Nothing beats a nice warm salted pretzel with your favorite German beer.

Big pretzel
Yummy pretzels!
Fuzzy with his new shirt
Fuzzy's new shirt

We all had a good time at the Stammtisch and look forward to next years event. Some of us were lucky enough to score a free t-shirt while others were visiting the facilities. Don't worry, there isn't much bitterness there. Or is there!
Parting Shots
Stammtisch crowd
The crowd at Stammtisch
DJ spinning tunes
The DJ spinning tunes
The line for food
Waiting for lunch
Having a good time
Having a good time
Fuzzy enjoying his beer
Fuzzy enjoying his beer
Crazy Jay
Somebody's feeling good
Before the fun began
Waiting for the fun to begin
Having a good time
Having a good time 

The next Art of Beer Festival will be held on Saturday. January 17, 2004. 

For info and tickets visit www.beeradvocate.com or click this link.


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