9/25/04 - Mt. Eisenhower and Mt. Franklin - 9 miles - Tim, Danielle, Fizz

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On a cool, fall weekend camping trip we wanted to do a hike we haven't done before and help Fuzz bag another 4,000 footer. The Edmunds Path up Eisnehower met our needs.
The hike up to the summit of Mt. Eisenhower was about 3.5 miles. We decided to take the Edmunds Path because it's one of the oldest trails in the Whites and is realatively easy.
This bridge across a small brook shows how easy and well maintained the trail is.
It was like a walk in the park.
Even when we began to climb the trail was well maintained and at a gentle slope.
About 3/4's of the way to the Crawford Path intersection we came across an old gate. None of us were sure what it was for.
The further up we went, the more vibrant the leaves became.
Nearing treeline some views began to open up. Even though it was cloudy we could still see the views and it never rained.
All trails heading above treeline give you a warning about what to expect.
Here comes Fuzz and Danielle to the intersection with the Crawford Path.
The intersection of the Edmands and Crawford paths.
Up above treeline there are many rock cairns along the trail to help guide your way in case the clouds roll in and you can't see where you're going.
There was quite a network of trails up there.
Another view of the path network.
The small pond was the only source of water for miles.
All the trails were constructed to help protect the alpine vegatation. I think the view is looking towards Mt. Chocorua.
I think that's Mt. Isolation in the foreground.
This is looking towards Mt. Franklin and Mt. Monroe. Mt. Washington is in the clouds.
Here we are on top of Mt. Eisenhower.
Tim and Fuzz heading down Mt. Eisenhower.

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