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Beer Summit Oktoberfest 2002

Beer Summit Oktoberfest 2002
Boston Beer Summit
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Crowd enjoying beer
2002 Beer Summit Oktoberfest

Waiting to get in

The Beer Summit Oktoberfest brings the festive atmosphere of the German tradition to Boston. Inside the function hall were hundreds of tables, food, games, music, and of course beer!

Before the band took to the stage some of the members wandered through the audience and serenaded you at your table. Later, they would lead the chant for everyone to take a drink. Ein prosit, ein prosit, gemuetlichkeit...

Musical Serenade

Beer Drinking Contest
Members of the audience got up on stage to compete for the title of Lord Mayor of the Oktoberfest. Concert tickets and a night at the Park Plaza Hotel were also on the line. Elimination rounds included trivia, beer drinking and sumo wrestling!?! A typical German tradition.

Spatan and Franziskaner supplied the beer for the event. For $3.50 each you had a choice of:

Spatan Lager
Spatan Mai Bock
Spatan Optimator
Spatan Oktoberfest
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse
Franziskaner Dunkel-Weisse

Beer Stand

And Ticket

German Omm-pah Band

All of us had a good time and look forward to returning next year! 

Prosit! To good friends!

Feeling good in the afternoon!

Two great loves: Each other and beer!


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