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NERAX (New England Real Ale Exhibition) is held in late April/early May each year in Davis Sq. Somerville, MA. This event offers some of the best beers you will ever find in the Northeast.
Have a pint!
Have a pint!

What is NERAX?

NERAX was founded to be a force for real ale education in New England with a focus on session beers. One of their goals is to persuade brewers and consumers on the wonders and joys of session beers. This year is the 9th fest since its inception. It's the longest running real ale fest in the US and offers over 60 casks of freshly brewed beer. 

When is the beer ready?

Real ale is alive. There is live yeast in the cask to provide the final fermentation and to ensure proper condition. The beer arrives about two weeks before the NERAX festival. It is vented; finings are added; and the cooling tubes and jacketing are put on each cask/keg. The beer is put onto stillage and will not be moved again until the cask is empty so that the sediment will not be disturbed.

Danielle and Heather at NERAX
Danielle and Heather at NERAX


Enjoying a pint
Enjoying a pint at NERAX



(Campaign for Real Ale) is an organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional cask conditioned ales. They are based in the UK and have over 45,000 members worldwide. They were formed in response to the many mergers of small breweries by larger companies who replaced their traditional real ales with mass produced beers. 

All of us at NERAX
All of us at NERAX

Crowd at NERAX
The crowd at NERAX

What should I try next
What should I try next?


American Amber Pale - Otter Creek, VT (USA)

Pale Ale - Tuckerman Brewing Co., NH(USA)

Schiehallion - Harviestoun (England)

JHB - Oakham (England)

Mona Lisa Mild - Martha's Exchange, NH (USA)

Dark Moor - Kelburn (Scotland)

Tradewinds - Cairngorm (England)

John Stark Porter - Milley's Tavern, NH (USA)

IPA - Smuttynose, NH (USA)

Victory Red - Boston Beer Works, MA (USA)

Rail Mail Rye - Willimantic Brewing Co., CT (USA)


Best Bitter - Gritty McDuff's (Freeport, ME)

Ginger Porter - Cambridge Brewing Co., (Cambridge, MA)

Look at all the beer
Waiting for a beer

What should I try next?

New drinking buddies
New drinking pals

Crowd waiting to get into NERAX
Crowd waiting to get into NERAX

Keep real ale alive! Support your local brewers and brewpubs


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