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Vermont Brewers Fest 2005

Vermont Brewers Fest 2005

Fest entrance line just before gate opened

At first, it was easy to grab a beer

Then more people started showing up

Eventually, it was a 10 minute wait for a beer

Some of us made new friends

Others got closer to our current friends

And we all enjoyed sharing good times with those around us, like our campground neighbors

Even with the heat and crowd we all had a great time at the fest. Although, I think next year we're going to stay in an air conditioned hotel room.

The Vermont Brewers Fest in Burlington, VT is held each July on the shores of lake Champlain. It's a beautiful outdoor location that offers many VT, New England and New York beers. There's even some beers from Canada.

Some of the Brewers we Visited

The Alchemist
Rock Art
The Shed
Switchback Brewing Co.
Endurance Brewing Co.
Zero Gravity Brewing Co.
Woodstock Inn
Jasper Murdoch Inn
Vermont Pub & Brewery
Lake Placid Pub & Brewery
American Flatbread
Tuckerman Brewery
Magic Hat
Long Trail

The day we went was very hot and humid. It was the last session of the fest and had the largest crowd of the two day event. Towards the end of the fest many brewers ran out of beer. The ones that had beer had a 15 minute wait to get a sample.

Our Top Picks

Heady Topper double IPA - The Alchemist
Hefty weizen - The Alchemist
Extra Stout - American Flatbread/Zero Gravity
Black IPA - VT Pub & Brewery


All the brewers were set up under tents

It was the only place available to stay dry if it started to rain

There was even an area to grab a bite to eat

Luckily, the fest is large enough to hold all the people

Even though there were thousands in attendance, there was enough room to not be crowded in

As night fell the crowd really grew


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