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The Vermont Brewers Fest in Burlington, VT is held each July on the shores of lake Champlain. It's a beautiful outdoor location that offers many VT, New England and New York beers. There's even some beers from Canada.

This year Tim, Danielle, Steve, and Heather spent an entire weekend exploring different breweries and festivals in Vermont. The weekend started on Friday with a visit to the Quechee gorge and lunch at Long Trail before arriving in Middlebury to stay with Heather's Dad. While there we stopped at the Otter Creek brewery to buy and taste some of their beers.

On Saturday we drove up to Burlington and checked into our hotel room. A quick cab ride down to the lakefront got us to the fest, but shortly after we arrived the rain began. It rained all day long and into Sunday before it stopped. We got soaked at the fest, but had a terrific time. Most of the day was spent with our friends at the Woodstock Inn who were gracious in letting us stay dry with them under their tent. After the fest we had a quick dinner at the Vermont Pub and Brewery before returning to our hotel room.

Sunday brought more clouds and rain. We had breakfast in South Burlington then spent some time visiting the Magic Hat Brewery gift shop. Later that day we arrived at the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor where the annual BBQ fest was being held. Danielle's friend Charlie was there and once again was the grand champion of the fest.

We had a terrific time over the weekend and look forward to 2007.

Pictures from our weekend in Vermont 

Some of the Brewers we Visited

The Alchemist
Rock Art
The Shed
Brewery Ommegang
Switchback Brewing Co.
Boston Beer Works
Zero Gravity Brewing Co.
Woodstock Inn
Pennichuck Brewing
Vermont Pub & Brewery
Lake Placid Pub & Brewery
American Flatbread
Tuckerman Brewery
Moat Mountain Brewery
Magic Hat
Long Trail

Our Top Picks

Heady Topper double IPA - The Alchemist
Ommegang - Brewery Ommegang
Extra Stout - American Flatbread/Zero Gravity
850 IPA - Stone Coast Brewery


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