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Tap River Fest 07 

The second annual Tap Riverfest was held at the brewpub in Haverhill, MA. There were 20 brewers and dozens of beers represented. Everything from cask conditioned pumpkin ales to imperial IPA's and vanilla stouts were being poured to the attendees.

This fest was the first time we volunteered to pour beers instead of just drink them. Our day started hours before the fest. We helped move and set up kegs for several brewers, then helped to get the beer flowing before the guests arrived.

After two sessions of pouring beer we were pretty tired. We attended the after party with the brewers, which was a blast. Afterwards we headed to our friend Jon's apartment for a well earned rest.


Pictures from the Tap Riverfest 

The Tap Riverfest
September 15, 2007
Haverhill, MA

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Danielle drinking a cask condidtioned beer
Danielle drinking a cask condition beer.


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