Florida Pictures - October 15 - 22, 2005

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Another view of the crowd
The big finale
After all that excitement we needed to relax with a nice cold beer. Here's a Smithwicks
A very tall Egyptian demon
The Beatlegeuse show is a lot of fun
It begins with some creepy monsters
Who know how to dance...
...and rock 'n roll
Each monster got to do a solo song
Here's Beatlegeuse doing YMCA
More characters on parade
The night we had dinner at Planet Hollywood the music producer Lou Pearlman was dedicating the contract signed by N'Synch. Lucky us
Isn't that C Note sitting at that table?
With all this horrible teen pop music filling the restaurant, we needed a good stiff drink to get through dinner
The paparazi was everywhere
It was also Lou Pearlman day at Planet Hollywood
I bet the House of Blues had better music this night
The Adventures Club in Downtown Disney
The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa
Here's Danielle and her mom at the zoo
Barbie, Sharon, Danielle and Les
Tucan Sam
More monkees

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