Florida Pictures - October 15 - 22, 2005

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Cartoon land
The Alladin Spectacular
Lots of sword fights and explosions
A lilly pond in the Islands of Adventure
There's Popeye. Looks like he brought Olive Oil with him
I think I fit right in here
Danielle at happy hour in the Enchanted Oak
Inside the Oak
We arrived at the Halloween Horror nights just as the daytime crowd was leaving. Better get out of the way
Who's going to be the first sacrifice?
Why are all evil demon girls so tall?
Here's a demon girl looking for a sacrifice
The demon queen
Bill & Ted's Halloween Show is worth the price of admission
There's Bill & Ted
And here's the dark lord of the sith confronting Willy Wonka
We all got to enjoy the battle of the fast food idols. Looks like the Burger King is kicking Ronald McDonalds butt
Getting ready for round two
Napolean Dynamite doing his dance
The big finale
Danielle and an evil demon biker
That's what waiting an hour in line looks like

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