Florida Pictures - October 15 - 22, 2005

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He was very friendly
Here's a bigger dragon we made friends with
More weird birds
Seuss Landing in the Island of Adventure
The corner of Whoville and Horton Place
The Enchanted Oak restaurant and bar
A griffen
Welcome to Jurassic Park
Looks like some of the dino's escaped
My guess is he went that a way
Another escaped dino. RUN!!!
The Spiderman ride is the best ride in the park
Here come the superheros
Storm, Danielle and ??? The Power Girls
Danielle and Wolverine
Tim and Captain America
The Hulk Roller Coaster
Lots of twists and turns on this coaster
The talking fountain. No, that girl is not part of the show
Is that Atlas holding up the world?
Popeye's boat
Another view of Popeye's boat
A better view of the Hulk coaster

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