Florida Pictures - October 15 - 22, 2005

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Quit monkeying around and get back to work
The blue bird of paradise?
Bald Eagle
This zoo also rehabilitates manatees
Here's a close up of the manatees. Best of all I didn't have to get wet to take this picture
See the turtle?
Fish and manatees
More fish
"I found some good stuff over here"
Les and the manatee
Fish heading to school
What are you looking at?
Say aaaaahhhhh
The sting ray tank
There were lots of rays swimming laps. For a couple of bucks you can feed them
Red bird
I've got them eating out of my hands!
Baby birds
"Hurry up! I'm hungry too"
The bird man of Tampa
Hmmmm... you'd be good with some stuffing and cranberry sauce
More birds
Danielle's new dragon friend

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